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Fresh Artichoke

Description :- Pickled Artichoke . Nutritional Values :- -Vitamin C ,Vitamin A ,Vitamin E ,...

Fresh onions

Description :- We offer you many varieties on onion ( red onion - White onion ). With different...

Fresh orange

All l Kinds of Fresh orange with all sizes and specifications just submit your needs best quality...

Fresh Mango

Nutritional Values :- -Vitamin A , Vitamin B5 ,Vitamin E ,Vitamin B6 ,Vitamin C , Vitamin K ....

Whole Fresh Strawberry

Nutritional Values :--Vitamin C, VitaminK. - Fiber, Manganese , Potassium, Folic Acid , . Folate....

White & Red Fresh Garlic

White & Red Fresh A.grade Garlic
Enjoy Food Egypt
Enjoy Food Egypt

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